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the break [Aug. 11th, 2008|11:58 pm]
[Current Location |polarbear]
[Current Music |clyde 1]

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hate hate hate [Jul. 12th, 2008|01:27 pm]
[Current Location |coffee shop]
[Current Music |some kind of brazilian psychedelic rock]

i'm not sure i can detail my constant annoyance this week.this is everything that makes me want to rage. i know this is pretty unproductive, but dang it feels good. just call me ms. agreeable.

    * smoking
    * drunk drivers
    * overly drunk bicyclists
    * working 7 days a week to barely  a break even.
    * people who think it's cool to do coke.
    * vegans who are jerks about it. remember somebody suffered to pick your vegetables too.
    * bluegrass. shut the fuck up.
    * ani di franco. shut the fuck up.
    * 19 year olds. not all of you, but a lot of you need to shut the fuck up.
    * 22 year olds. not all of you, but a lot of you need to shut the fuck up.
    * 80 nights. shut the fuck up.
    * dj krames. respect, but still, shut the fuck up.
    * loud children. shut the fuck up.
    * fat wreck. shut the fuck up.
    * epitaph. shut the fuck up.
    * lookout. shut the fuck up.
    * bad christians. shut the fuck up.
    * bad religious nuts of any kind. shut the fuck up.
    * modest mouse. shut the fuck up.
    * rockabilly because it's just an excuse for racist jerks to be racist jerks. shut the fuck up.
    * not getting paid more than minimum wage as of july 24th. fuck that shit.
    * the heat as in the miserable weather
    * tattoo gluttony! tattoos are fine, but seriously people. i know for some of you, it's your jam and that's cool. but there are so many of you. so! many! tattoos!
    * cartoon punk rock. wow, you're reallllly punk-really individual...just the rest of your friends.
    *traveling punks. seriously. you wanna drop out? but you want me to buy you food? ok, you ran out of money. guess what so did every other kid who went out. way to stick it to the man. hey guess what i wanna travel too. but i can't afford it, and obviously neither can you. maybe if you hadn't spent all your money on tattoos and piercings. and why do you always have dogs? if you love the dog maybe you should give it a good home.
    * the lack of hip 33 year olds in richmond
    * pleated khakis
    * white sneakers including my own
    * high waisted skirts
    * high waisted shorts
    * being shackled to the east coast.
    * $4 gas without public transportation
    * americana. fuck you americana. you claim the whole continent for your own? hip-hop is pretty much one of the most american forms of music i can think of, so take your possum and your banjo and shove it.
    * clothing with sunglass prints
    * swollen knuckles
    * planar fascitis
    * that housecleaning doesn't last. dishes spawn. dust multiplies
    * unbathed dogs who feed the need to get all up on me
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Eat This [Jun. 12th, 2008|02:22 am]
[Current Location |the arctic circle]
[Current Music |the swell season]

1 ripe or overripe mango
1 frozen ripe or overripe banana
half a cucumber
1 cup unsweetened soy milk
juice of half a lime
about a cup of ice cubes

put all this in the blender and push the destroy button.


the super sweetness of the banana and the mango are tempered by the tartness and sharpness of the lime juice and the freshness of the cucumber. with the cucumber, you don't taste cucumber, only freshness. you have to use fresh lime and personally, i think sweetened soymilk would be gross in this, but if that's how you roll you can live on the edge and try it.

nom nom nom.
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brain not having turned to mush [Jun. 12th, 2008|01:49 am]
[Current Location |the arctic circle]
[Current Music |the swell season]

I wrote a review of the Swell Season Show in Richmond at Toad's Place.
My friend and me wrote a review of the Mermaid Skeletons show in Richmond at the Edgar Allen "Moody Goth Kid" Poe Museum.
My friend who is my friend's boyfriend took amazing pics of these shows and some of those are here.

The Swell Season

The Swell Season, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, brought more to their show than just a recital of their soundtrack. Hopefully all the people who came to see the Academy Award winners fell in love with the entire set of songs. I know I did, and I was already psyched to see not only the music from the film Once, but also, the singer for the Frames. I’ve been a fan of the Frames since about 2002. They are a band I never thought I’d be able to see live.

The show began with Hansard by himself on stage with plain lighting and no amplification; just him and his holey guitar-filling the entire space. A little bit more into the set, Irglova sang All the Way Down from Hansard's contribution to “The Cake Sale” project.

The show was sold out. At times, the audience was rude and loud; such as using the hushed part of songs to shout to their friends about movies and beer. They were, however, mesmerized for these early quiet songs.

They played a very long time. There was a Pixies cover and a Van Morrison cover, “Into the Mystic.” The horn section at the end of “Into The Mystic” was not played by horns but instead sung by Irglova and Hansard. Their fiddle player, Colm Mac An Iomaire even played one of his solo pieces.

I was close enough to the front to see the incense at the side of the stage and the Persian rug underneath the grand piano. The backing band was the Frames and they even played a Frames song, “God Bless Mom”, during which Marketa Irglova, who was feeling under the weather, stepped offstage for a few minutes of recuperation. Despite illness, her vocals throughout the show still sounded amazing.

These songs they've written together that are a joy on CD are heartbreakingly beautiful and transcendent live. Their award winner, “Falling Slowly”, brought the entire audience singing like a choir. Dag.

Mermaid Skeletons

On Saturday night we were welcomed into the Enchanted Garden at the Poe Museum for the CD release show of local Richmond auteurs the Mermaid Skeletons. They were joined by Zac Hyrciak and the Jungle Beats and David Schultz and the Skyline.

Loulouhex's awesome rock chick friend:  MissLoulouhex showed up late so she missed Zac. My boyfriend remarked that he sounded like Sondre Lerche and I wouldn’t disagree. Unfortunately the sound system was not yet set up for his performance so some of it was drowned out by the crowd. But overall, the music was pleasant, the harmonies were lovely and Zac probably listens to the same music as his older brother Josh from Mermaids.

The Young Sinclairs were also supposed to play, but had some car trouble, so they were not able to make it. I heard they were supposed to do a quieter set, which I was looking forward to. I had never seen David Schultz before, but his music reminds me of better Gold-era Ryan Adams. Curtis Patton’s melodic guitar parts were wonderfully surprising.

Loulouhex: Shockoe Bottom is not fit forhuman consumption on a Saturday night unless you’re looking for vomiting dudes and catcalls from said vomiting dudes. The Poe museum’s courtyard was a magical little oasis. The street lights lit up the trees above the walls as the leaves shimmied in the breeze. Very pretty, like the Mermaid Skeletons music. Mermaid Skeletons were lovely; but I’ve never seen them not be. Their songs start quietly and build to giddy layers of instruments and voices. Sarah Dyson, a member who doesn't live in Richmond, was in town for the show. Her vocals were a real treat.The opening song had multiple drummers situated in the alcoves behind the band - all that extra percussion brought a really special texture to the sound.

Loulouhex's awesome rock chick friend: I agree, I thought the setting was perfect, especially for the music. I’m not really a fan of giant tents and view-obstructing poles, but that’s a nitpicky little complaint. Every member of Mermaids performed well—I am always in awe of how tight their sets are, given the numerous instrument changes and the sheer number of people on stage. I was happy to be able to hear Anne Spraker’s organ so clearly; it usually gets crushed under the weight of horns, banjos and guitars. My favorite song, “An Affair With Education” sounded lush and gorgeous and it never fails to give me goose bumps.

Loulouhex: Luckily, I bought my ticket in advance as the performance was sold out by the time I got there after work. Unlike a lot of shows in Richmond, those who arrived on time and those who bought tickets in advance were rewarded with entry. There were a few fence jumpers and a few who snuck in the front and while it was packed, it was not unpleasant. There were a few rotten apples; a girl who not only didn’t turn off her phone ringer, but also answered the phone. There was a guy who said that this really wasn’t his jam; I wanted to ask him why is he here, talking through the quiet bits, when there were people who couldn’t get in? Overall though, most everyone was transfixed by the music.

Loulouhex's awesome rock chick friend: The Mermaid Skeletons EP, “Darlings” is now out on Triplestamp. It was wonderfully recorded by Allen Bergendahl and perfectly captures the band’s charming, beautiful music.
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less pit of misery. [Jun. 12th, 2008|01:41 am]
[Current Location |the arctic circle aka my air-conditioned bedroom]
[Current Music |the swell season]

* i applied to consolidate my student loans. estimated payment per month is $5 on income dependent plan. i'll pay more as i don't want them to take 25 years to pay off (almost $20,000 currently...not including the ones my dad is paying and not including the possible future grad school insanity...international tuition at the glasgow school of art...cross fingers)
* i also spoke to as many different operators with wachovia until i got the answer i wanted: an application for financial hardship forbearance until september.
* i went to yoga, a walk and a treadmill cardio sessions so far this week and it's wednesday.
* a1c...& ultrasound: i don't have cancer, diabetes or any other nasties. i do have pcos which is basically fixable. and i am insulin sensitive/resistant which with exercise and healthy eating will not be a thing anymore. the buildup on the lining of my uterus was ok as i got my cycle and what the ultrasound showed was the buildup to that. yay for foxing me.
* i successfully took a half dose of xanax and it derailed a hummingbird style, days-long panic before it got bad without sending me to the moon. yay druqs
* i'm going home this weekend and my dad is helping with gas and my roomie is going to watch l.o.u. gas is $4 a gallon now - more like the rest of the world. but we have no appreciable public transportation. i can't get within 60 miles of my dad's on a bus, train or streetcar.
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happy cat part 2 [Apr. 12th, 2008|07:49 pm]
[Current Music |promo insanity!]

LOU-LOU caught and ate a MOUSE. the entire mouse. all of it. and he's still in wildebeast mode. he brought it to me. i was sitting in bed. he was so proud, mouse in mouth. i said good boy and promptly shut him and mouseie out of my room...lest i wake up with mouse jam smeared on me and a happy kitty snuggled up net to me with mouse breath. he howled. and howled and howled. so i let him in but kept the mouse in the hall. when we woke up this morning, he went in the hall and went - to - town. munch crunch munch...no more mouse! he was all high on mouse all day and now he's hellbent on eating MY turkey burger. he does seem to be settling for sunggling.
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happy cat [Apr. 1st, 2008|12:57 am]
[Current Music |moby: last night]

lou-lou had RAW CHICKEN LIVER AND GIZZARD for his dinner tonight. he turned into a miniature sabretooth tiger for a few minutes. sooo cute! there's a wild beast hidden in the critter who sleeps on my pillow every night, his forehead nuzzled against mine.

lou got organs because i roasted a chicken tonight. it turned out amazing. amazing. but it was done too late. it's in the fridge.

instead i had:
a spinach salad with tomato, green pepper, lime juice and avocado.
bean sprouts sauteed with onion and mushroom.
two pieces of that new rad bread with mozzerella and tomato sauce. it's flourless bread. i have no idea how this physicaly occurs. it's that eziekiel bible bread. yes. i actually brought something into my house with the word bible on it. and didn't spontaneously combust. but this shit is TITE. it's all whole grains. and tastes and looks and acts like normal bread. no weirdness.
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funplex! [Mar. 27th, 2008|07:37 pm]
[Current Music |b-52s]

got a shitty paycheck.
also got a stack of promos!
it's not a tenable situation, but at least i have new music. new b-52s, sharon jones, the kills, morrissey, paddy casey, moby. also franz ferdinand singles and a muse 7" that were getting chucked out of the promo shack. a stack of stuff i don't know too. maybe it's good? it's: jaymay, plants and animals, switches, counting crows [yes i have heard them, durr, but who knows what the album cuts sound like?], kaki king, matthew ryan, greg laswell, the presidents of the united states of america, destroyer. i've read a lot about a few of these. excited about kaki king - she's been talked about in the same circles as marnie stern. who is fucking rad.
we'll see what tomorrow's 2nd paycheck looks like.

dropped off app to ellwood's. cross fingers. pros = more pay, discount on natural food, profit sharing after 6 mos, insurance...cons = fucking bougie hippie bitch-ass customers, working in a store still, despite better pay it's still under $10/hr.

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nature i mean EXTREME NATURE [Mar. 10th, 2008|12:31 am]
[Current Location |polarbear]
[Current Music |the frames. duh.]

sunday afternoon after laundry i was having a cup of coffee with some friends. decaf so as to avoid crackity. on the street, a HAWK totally swooped down and FUCKED UP a pigeon. it grabbed the pigeon and took it back to it's killing lair which was underneath the bumper of a parked jeep. it held the pigeon down, clawing, choking, picking at it. it did this for a few minutes. what a patient bird. we saw a couple walking up the street and when they were about a foot away the hawk shot outta there with the pigeon carcass in it's claws. the couple were startled. it went into somebody's back yard and emerged 15 minutes later, belly full of pigeon. someone is going to have shredded pigeon in their backyard. or at least feathers, who knows how much hawks eat.
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och aye [Mar. 8th, 2008|11:28 pm]
[Current Location |polarbear]
[Current Music |still the frames]

i had been borrowing my roommate's airport card which she needed to reclaim so it's back to being shackled to the wall for me. the dialup is just as fast for most everything. except video isn't even an option. and flickr and image heavy pages are a bit grumpy. the thing that i miss is being able to work ANYWHERE the electric cord will reach that has a signal. which in this city is most everywhere. the couch! the coffeeshop!

maybe i can afford one soon because i'm working a TON-filling up my week with hours at the music warehouse when i'm not at the toystore. it's be nice if something more permanent materialized at the music warehouse. it's where the records sleep at night. :-) i'm not actually saying this because i don't want to jinx anything, but it might. i just have to not get too expectant or excited in case it doesn't. it certainly is nice all the promos and junx. free music liek what.

eating well is becoming easier.
breakfast: oats with unsweetened soymilk, granny smith apple.
then i went out for a cup of coffee. my first in 2 weeks. half caf was still too much caffeine.
no lunch. not good-must remember to eat all meals.
dinner: spinach and mushroom omelette. yum! [dammit how do you spell omelette? firefox tells me it's misspelled for every variation i try]

i'm gonna go now watch SNL and have either a banana-peanut butter soy milkshake aka heaven or a wee bit of ice cream. i'm still hungry because i didn't eat enough today, but i'm unsure what i should eat. maybe i'll live on the edge and have both.

i'm still kinda nervous abut food which is not cool. i know that once the whole eating healthy thing has taken hold that this will hopefully chill out.

breathe in breathe out. ahhh.

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