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fort awesome [Aug. 16th, 2008|11:31 pm]
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[Current Music |the orb's adventures beyond the underworld]

i bailed from best friends day.  i spent the day at the coffee shop, the thrift store and errand running. all of these were productive and relaxing in some way. i got food in the house. i got a bunch of pictures edited and uploaded at the coffee shop. not to mention accomplishing some major sit-down-chill-out time. productive except for the department store who had:
  • 25 pairs of white marathon ankle socks
  • not one pair of black marathon ankle socks
the thrift store delivered to me for $1.98, an amazing sweater that i used to own and had shrunk via dance party: a wool sweater made soaking wet by sweat and agitated by non-stop dancing has the same effect as washing it in hot water in a machine. a few years ago, i bought this sweater. actually bought it. from a store, not a yard sale or thrift store. or dumpster. it was rainbow and tan horizontal stripes on a classic crew neck with tan ribbing at the neck, cuffs and waistband. oh, the gap, why are your sweaters so cute. well, i now own it again.

i managed to NOT buy anything at ulta or old navy including:
  • mini lipgloss that clips to your phone
  • banana shower gel
  • chocolate shampoo
  • chocolate face mask
  • bourjois waterproof mascara that i tried on and with my shower this evening learned it was very much non waterproof. fuck that.
  • super duper long lasting, super soft urban decay black eyeliner. i want this. it was a bitch to get off. which is the point.
  • cute boobalicious black dress at old navy. it was still full price and it's been there all summer. ergo, imma nae buyin it for that.
  • pouf skirt that there was no black in my size
  • sparkley bright blue hoodie. size XL too small, size XXL too big.
this week's awesome:
  • neon grape nail enamel
  • clyde 1 internet radio
  • 2 for 1 omega-3 at walgreens
  • ginger kombucha
  • getting 75 cents more per hour
  • trader joe's opening soon and they carry the flourless bread for cheap...charles shaw, cheap vitamins, etc...
  • deep fried garbanzo beans with cumin
  • deep fried tofu with cumin
  • not going to best friend day. it's awesome, but i don't have it in me and didn't wannae feel miserable about not going.
  • lou. always. sweet, cute, personable, affectionate, calming, playful, mini-tiger. kitteh.
  • my dad's collage cards
  • the baby i'm writing this on
  • realizing how much more in shape i am than last year at this time
  • selling a painting
  • art show at 821(825) in february
  • touching a picasso painting with my own hands
  • x-files movie
  • getting to see my friends a lot
  • having 2 days off in a row
  • having veg in the house
  • peach season
  • tomato season
  • the term "fish bitch"
  • all this music